From 30. May until 8. June 2011 the first training of the project took place in Lithuania in Kelme, near Siauliai. Instead of 10 participants we trained 12 participants as Senior Migrants, 11 women and 1 man. All of them were migrants from the States of the former Soviet Union and therefore they were Russian-speeking. The training took place in a wonderful landscape, the participants were accomodated in wooden houses, the board was very good and the weather wonderful. We had really the best basic conditions for our training.

The participants were curious and interested in the new topics. It was a big luck, that the training could be held in Russian, so it was much easier to communicate with the target group. The project partner from Lithuania, Pranas Benikas, speeks fluently Russian as well as the experts from Finland. Thus could built up a very close contact and relationship to the participants. The result was a very good team-spirit between the participants and as well between participants, the coordinator and the trainers.

After 10 days of intensive work we took leave of 12 highly motivated Senior Migrants. An anecdote aside: At the end all the 11 women wanted to adopt Pranas as their child.